Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a Photographer

When choosing a photographer, here are a few key things to keep in mind.

Do you like the photographer’s style?

Do they offer the products you want?

Is their level of experience to your liking?

Do their values match your values?

Can the photographer work in your time frame and budget.

Why is photography so expensive?

The purpose of photography isn’t to cost you money. Just like the other business investments and improvements you make to your business, the purpose is to increase revenue. Photos have an unparalleled impact on what people buy. Photography may be an out-of-pocket expense, but when done right, that expense will come back to you multiple times over. There’s no point in spending money on an ad if the photo isn’t appealing. That lackluster photo may in fact drive customers AWAY. Quality photography is used to draw people in and keep their attention long enough to absorb your message.

Like any business, it’s about more than what the average customer sees the day of the shoot. Here’s a quick list of what it takes to run a photography business.

Outlining of expenses:

Signs of the times- we live in a rapidly changing society and marketing atmosphere.  There is on going need for constant equipment change, computer upgrades, digital software, reeducation for output and distribution of images.

Professional Skill & Knowledge: an ongoing need for continuing education to keep up the photographic needs for new marketing trends and styles. The wisdom and creativity that is developed over the years.

Prep Time: meetings, phone calls, emails, research and packing scheduling.

On location time frame: travel expense, to and from, preparing and packing expensive equipment, collaborating with production crews, assistants and art directors, plus the time to photograph the assignment.

Post-Production: unpacking, downloading, editing, creating web galleries, retouching, and managing orders, and archiving.

Maintenance: repairing and upgrading equipment, backing up and organizing files, writing bids and contracts, administrative duties, updating website and portfolios and marketing material.

Overhead: photo equipment, computer equipment, printing, props, insurance, office, and studio rental, office supplies, marketing and advertising.

Commercial Client Questions

What makes Linda Doane Photography Great?

We’re excellent storytellers with an eye for perfectionism that knows how to match your brand and sell your products. In other words, we create pretty photos with a purpose.

It’s our goal to build an ongoing business relationship to partnership with clients long-term and become an important part of your total marketing team. You are not merely purchasing photography . . . You’re investing in an overall media solution in today’s tough economic times.

How Much?

We can absolutely say there is always someone cheaper out there. We can also say that we are certainly not the most expensive. The quality of the products and services we provide outweigh the initial price break you may get with another company. Give us an idea of your budget and we’ll happily to tell you how we can work within it. We strive to provide great value and exceed all of your expectations.

It’s our goal to build an ongoing business relationship to partnership with clients long-term and become an important part of your total marketing team. You are not merely purchasing photography . . . You’re investing in an overall media solution in today’s tough economic times.

What about professional business Portraits?

Location photo shoots are a great way to bring more personality to your photos, while a studio photo shoot offers more control. Both are great, and together, they provide you the variety you need for every potential market.

For example, you may be an architect. You need a standard head shot for work. But you may also need images of you on location showcasing you and your resent project.

How do I plan for my photography session and services?

1. How will you be using the photos?

Online, brochures, print ads, etc.

2. What does the life expectancy of your photos need to be?

A one-time event promotion or packaging that will be used for 5 years or more?

3. Are the things you need photographed camera-ready?

If you’re doing a remodel, when will it be finished? If you’re redesigning new packaging, website, portfolio or education material-When are the deadlines?  Are you working on a dead line publication?

4. What is the purpose of the photos?

Is the purpose of the photos to draw in new customers? Increase current customer spending? Increase brand awareness? Show more about your business? Whatever the goal is, it should be clearly defined before photography begins.

5. What’s your budget?

You might be thinking “That’s a trick question!” but it’s really not. We aren’t asking what your budget so we can spend all of your available money. In fact, quite the contrary. We want to know what level of product and service you are looking for, so you don’t spend more than you have. It’s simply one more way we make sure you get what you want.

If can’t afford custom professional photography services, what are my other options?

There are times when custom photography is not within your reach. That’s okay. Digital has opened up a world of options for you. Depending on the type of imagery needed, Linda Doane photography has thousands of stock images that might fit your needs.  This library of images has been built over the last 30 years, with everything from agriculture to food to weddings. These images are called “Stock Images”. Because these images already exist, you know exactly what you’re getting and at a discounted price, no less. It is best for you to contact us to discuss if we can locate imagery that might meet your needs.


Community Inquires

We are a charity. What can you do for us?

We love charities. We offer all charities a 10% discount. Have an event you’d like photographed? Contact us directly and we’ll provide you with an event photography quote. Need a silent auction item? We offer charities gift certificates.

Charity groups and organizations that we have long history of providing services to are: The Healing place, Women 4 Women and Horse for Hope.

We are frequently asked to contribute fine art images for fund raising items. We are glad to do so, but because of the high volume of requests we ask for 20% of the sale of the item to cover basic production costs.

Portrait Services

How do I know which package is right for me?

To help you find the right package for you, together we can discuss how you’d like to use your photos, what the purpose of the shoot is, what products you’d like, and together we’ll find the package that’s perfect for you.

How many images will I have to choose from?

Our mission is to catch every moment. Generally, you will have anywhere from 20 to 60 depending on the creative session you selected.

The longer your session, the more variety you’ll get in your image gallery and the more photos you’ll have to choose from. More time equals more variety in backgrounds, locations, poses, and outfits.

What is a print or product credit?

Our photography sessions include your actual time in the studio and/or on location, moderate retouching, and a credit toward any size prints you would like. You are not restricted set packages. Instead, you can choose the exact products that are right for you. Plus you have a choice of selecting printable digital files for you to print what ever you would like.

What is a “Printable Digital Image?

A Printable Digital Image is a retouched, high-resolution digital file of your photo, similar to a film negative. This file can be printed 20 times or 1,000 times. You can store it on your computer or back it up onto a CD or hard drive to keep forever.

What is moderate retouching?

This usually includes adjusting the color, contrast and exposure settings, removing fly-away hairs, toning down dark circles, removing blemishes and general enhancements so that you look your best.  Braces require an added fee.

What is a studio shoot?

Studio shoots will take place at our photo studio with a simple background and professional lighting equipment.

What is a location shoot?

Location shoots can be outdoors, at your home or office, or at available indoor public spaces, such as coffee shops.

Why would I want both a studio shoot and location photography session for my portrait?

Location photo shoots are a great way to bring more personality to your photos, while a studio photo shoot offers more control. Both are great, and together, they provide you a bigger variety for you, plus more of a selection for every potential market.

Why so groups of 6 subjects or more cost 150 extra?

We know how difficult it is for everyone to look his or her best in a single frame. Often times, one person is looking off to the left while another person is blinking. To ensure that no one is stuck with an unflattering photo, “switching heads” is included in the group pricing.

About Your Photography Session

Where will my session take place?

Almost anywhere! Together we’ll find the best location to capture the essence of your shoot. It could be at a park, in your home, in the studio, etc. Distances outside the Greater Louisville area will be charged standard mileage rates.

What about yearbook pictures?

You will need to contact your school to get your school’s requirements. Are you required to wear drapes or tuxes?  What color drapes? What color tux and tie? What color backdrops? Do you need digital file or glossy print for submitting to your yearbook staff? When is the deadline for submitting your yearbook picture? Please plan accordingly because there are “rush fees” for yearbook prints.

Am I allowed to bring props or other objects to my session?

Absolutely. Let’s share prop ideas before your shoot; maybe you’ll decide to bring your bicycle, guitar or pet along for the fun.

How many clothing changes are allowed?

Generally 2-4 outfits.

What should I wear?

Bring a few outfits with you to your photo shoot. That way, if you decide your shirt is too red or your jacket is too bulky, you’ll have options. Here are a few more tips:

Wear outfits appropriate for the look you are trying to achieve. Consider timeless pieces. Bring items that can be easily added or taken away, such as jackets, scarves, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

Avoid overwhelming patterns and clothing with noticeable logos or brands, such as Old Navy sweatshirts or concert t-shirts.

Pick clothes that are appropriate to your photo shoot location, both in look and in comfort. Is it going to be cold? If you’re in a concert hall, should you be wearing jeans?

For couple/group sessions, take a tip from What Not To Wear: “Things don’t have to match, they should go.” In other words, you and your fiancé don’t have to both wear purple. Simply wear complimentary outfits, like you would if you were going out to a nice restaurant. If you’re wearing a sundress, he can wear khakis and a light shirt. If you’re in a black cocktail dress, he can sport dark jeans and a button down shirt. Or you can both wear jeans and simple tops and go barefoot.

For groups, avoid stark blacks and bright whites, especially together. You don’t have to dress alike, but a common thread is a nice way to bring the photo together.

What about hair and make up and nails?

There are so many options for hair and makeup. First, ask yourself these questions: What is the purpose of the photo shoot? If it’s a professional portrait, then pretend you’re going on an interview when you’re getting ready. If it’s for a dating profile, go with the best version of your daily self. Or treat yourself to a spa day and get your hair and makeup professionally done at a local salon. Make sure to tell them about your shoot so they’ll style you accordingly.

Nails need to be clean and freshly manicured.

When do I view my images?

After we complete your photography session, we will complete the editing, retouching and enhancing.  We will then contact you to schedule a session for you to return to the studio to view the enhanced images. At this time you will select images based on your pre determined package selection.

Digital Image Questions

I just want a disc of all my images. Why does that cost extra?

It’s a compliment to us that you love your photos and want to have them all.
As a consumer, you appreciate that prints are worth money.

Printable Digital Images are the same as film negatives, which means they are prints to the infinity power. That, of course, is also worth money.

Will you archive my files in case I want them again in the future?

Even with the best of backup systems, files can become lost or damaged. Know that we do our best to archive your files. However, we do not offer an archive guarantee.

What does © “copyright” mean?

A copyrighted image is one that is protected by copyright. That mean someone owns the image: someone either paid to own the image, or created the image; either way, the image is not free. You can assume any image you find on the web is copyrighted and that you may not download and use it for anything without paying for it or getting permission to use it without paying for it from the image’s owner.

Once I have the digital images, does that mean I own the copyright?

No, Federal Copyright Law states that the photographer is the owner of every image they take until the copyright is transferred. We do not offer any copyright transfers. Upon purchasing the digital images, you are granted personal use of the images. You as the client would not gain any extra benefit by having the copyright in your name.

Please contact us today if you have any questions about our photography services. Call us at 502-648-6254