High School Seniors

Is it time for senior pictures? Time to capture that special high school senior before they leave the nest. We offer creative artistry, color, black and white, color tinting of black and white and/or sepia. Also, we have a variety of package pricing, folios and framing.

Portrait Suggestions and Clothing Tips 

In planing what clothes for your senior portrait session, solid dark coloring, long sleeves generally works best for the”Classic look”. For “Contemporary looks” light color clothing. It is important for you to decide what “look” you want to achieve. It is best if the clothing you choose has no printing on the front.

For the Guys:
Close shave, clean hands and for some of portraits your feet might be in the picture so make sure you have the shoes and belts that you want.

For the Ladies:
Tank tops and strapless or off the shoulder dresses are great however they draw attention to the figure and sometimes give the illusion of unwanted pounds. Wear normal make up or just a slight more. Be careful about mascara so it doesn’t get clumpy. Translucent powder especially for oily skin. Clear lip gloss is “a good thing”. Have your nails done- the best would be in neutral colors. Be careful about tan lines but don’t get burnt in the process to get rid of them before your session. Pay attention to details-shoes, belts. Jewelry-less is best.

Discuss your selection of clothes with us ahead of time.
Color and skin tones: Be aware that some colors look better on you. Get some help to decide what colors look best on you.

You can see more helpful suggestions under FAQ.

For an appointment or if you have any questions please feel free to call 502-648-6254