Kosair Children’s Hospital and Flashes of Hope

Through the partnership of Flashes of Hope and ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) children who are battling cancer have the opportunity to have their portraits taken while they are staying at the hospital.  It is a free service for the children and their families.  Each month an ASMP photographer and sometimes a make up artist will come to the hospital and set up a “portrait studio”.  Kids and their families are photographed all afternoon. The images are edited and 8×10′s and 4×6′s are given to the family. I have been an ASMP member since 2002 and June was my month to volunteer and provide photography services for children who have been diagnosed with cancer and presently receiving treatment at Kosair Children’s Hospital, Louisville, Kentucky. For More information. Since it’s founding in 2001, Flashes of Hope have photographed 38,492 children at hospitals and camps across the United States. http://flashesofhope.org/photographing-children/how-we-work Help all of us honor the courage of every child with cancer and fund research so they will have the chance to create a lifetime of memories.  To support: http://flashesofhope.org/support-us/donate Flashes of Hope 06.04.14

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