One Last Dash Through The Snow!

Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch: A 300,000 acre riding and adventure paradise in Shell, Wyoming

the view

wide open space

Recently, I returned from a trip from WY to capture images of horses in snow. It was more than I could have imagined.  A week long stay at a gorgeous 300,000 acre ranch tucked away in the Big Horn Basin.

Hideout sign

Many thanks to the operations managers Peter De Cobooter and his lovely wife Marijn Werquin, who have developed and groomed the ranch into a lush facility loaded with adventure experiences great for all families with all sorts of interest.  Their warm hospitality was heartfelt.


Peter De Cobooter and Marijn Werquin

Leader, Tom Bercher worked so hard at organizing a wonderful experience and opportunity to photograph the details of horses in snow, cowboys and nature. What a memory I have of photographing horses in belly deep snow.  To see the snow spray from the horses running across the high ridge with the sunset! Unbelievable! What a memory!

Tom Bercher sunlight                                                                            Tom Bercher

And of course he couldn’t have done with out the help of talented wranglers, Mel Smuckers and Marijn Werquin.  And I can’t forget the entertaining wrangler duo of Greg and Mark Prows.

Mel Smuckers                                                                                Mel Smuckers

Merijn Werquin                                                                                   Marijn Werquin

cowboy twins              Greg and Mark Prows. They are twins and I am not really sure which one is Greg or Mark

brotherly love                                                                                  Greg and Mark Prow

horse head                                                                                  Beautiful Horses

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Rebecca Bercher, office manager, (and also talented wrangler), held down the fort and kept everyone in line.

Rebecca Bercher                                                                            Rebecca Bercher

sunset                                                                                    Rebecca Bercher

At the end of a long day hiking through the snow with a lot of heavy camera gear, and many used up hand warmers, horses turned out and tack put away,  we all headed for the main lodge for dinner.

boots and bits                                                                           Boots and Bits

The evenings started with cocktail hour and everyone shared there stories or highlights from the day.  Now–the stories that are told at the Hideout stays at the Hideout.  After the many laughs, all the guests would gather for dinner at the large harvest tables. The warmth and glow of the fire in the large stone fireplace added to the cozy atmosphere.  The delicious meals were directed and prepared by executive chef, Sheena Ernst.   Heads up everyone her new cookbook will be out this June and I can’t wait to prepare and photograph a few of her specialties.  Her salmon baked in a pastry shell is to die for!!

Ending the night by heading to our gorgeous log cabins. Golden color logs, beds decorated with warm and colorful Pendleton blankets and the added lovely touch of a basket of treats made for a perfect ending.

cabincabin room

cabin copyThe week went too fast. I’m so grateful for the fabulous experience of the beautiful horses, nature and the wonderful new friendships. The memories will last a lifetime.

galloping in snow

A very warm thank you goes to Carien Schippers/Equine Photographer Network and Judy Hagen for undertaking and organizing the entire “Horses In Snow” expedition!!

Snow trails

         Happy Trails! And I’ll be back!

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  1. Hi Linda, wonderful images and editorial….thanks for the memories!

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