Commercial Clients

The purpose of photography isn’t to cost you money. Just like the other business investments and improvements you make to your business, the purpose is to increase revenue. Photos have an unparalleled impact on what people buy. Photography may be an out-of-pocket expense, but when done right, that expense will come back to you multiple times over. There’s no point in spending money on an ad if the photo isn’t appealing. That lackluster photo may in fact drive customers AWAY. Quality photography is used to draw people in and keep their attention long enough to absorb your message.

There are so many factors that determine the pricing of images and photography services. It is best to call us for information regarding submitting price bids.

Generally Speaking:

Pricing for commercial clients and event coverage are based on day rates and usage rights. Give us an idea of your budget and we’ll happily to tell you how we can work within it. We strive to provide great value and exceed all of your expectations.

Pricing  for portrait clients including digital files generally start at $359.00

Pricing for designer wedding coverage with digital files start at $1999.00

Hey but wait!   Ask us about our “Fabulous 50s” and “I want to be a Pin up”.

And ask us about our 4 legged family members-our pet photography services.!!

Please check out Frequently Asked Questions section for possibly other pricing questions.

We can be reached at 502-648-6254

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