Products and Food

 Linda Doane Photography…The blending of science and art to create spectacular images. 

What Linda Doane Photography brings to the table: Ability to pre-visualize the desired end results. Paying close attention to style of composition, lighting and to meet the needs of the client.  Involvement with professional associations to keep up with technical standards and changes plus creative trends.  We work as a team player with creative art directors, product developers, restaurant personnel, culinary artists,chefs, food menu designers,  food stylist, prop stylist and slew of assistants.

Our Goals: Our goal in business is simple: to delivery the absolute best photographic imagery both artistically and technically to our clients. We strive to not just meet, but EXCEED client expectations with high work standards and professional ethics. We help ensure that our photographic skills are a portion of that extra “leg up” in advertising collateral that your company will need to surpass your competitors.

It’s our goal to build an ongoing business relationship to partnership with clients long-term and become an important part of your total marketing team. You are not merely purchasing photography. . . You’re investing in an overall media solution in today’s tough economic times.

We can be reached at 502-648-6254