The Healing Place and Derek Anderson

A great evening photographing a fund raising event for The Healing Place with special guest, famed basketball star, Derek Anderson.

Freedom Dinner 2014

Derek Anderson has achieved success on many levels in life, but his life has not been immune to struggles and difficult circumstance. His story is one of over coming the odds, facing many youth today-homelessness, difficult home live, addiction, abandonment, and negative influences—odds he worked every day to change in his favor.

The Healing Place

Anderson is a graduate of Doss High School, Louisville KY and was a Kentucky All-Star in basketball.  In 1966, Anderson helped the University of Kentucky with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship under Coach Rick Pitino. Anderson went on to graduate from the University of Kentucky 1997 with a degree in Social Work. He went on to an 11-year career n the NBA.  His newly released book, “Stamina” focuses on what it takes to overcome challenges and become a champion in life.

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