Women 4 Women Keynote Speaker Carla Hall

Carla Hall©DoaneIMG_0554

2013 Women 4 Women Annual Luncheon 

Carla Hall  – Fan Favorite from Bravo’s Top Chef and ABC’s The Chew
Keynote: Carla’s Way – Living and Eating Toward a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Life

There is an obesity epidemic in Metro Louisville – According to Women 4 Women’s Benchmark II study 54.4% of Louisville women and 61% of African American women in Louisville are overweight or obese and that rate is growing. Obesity is one of the greatest risk factors for stroke, diabetes and heart disease – One third of the leading causes of death in our community.  Healthy diet and exercise can help reverse these crippling trends and improve the lives of our citizens and community.

It is always an honor to be included for providing photographic services for this event.  Ms. Hall was certainly very entertaining and gave some helpfully suggestions regarding maintaining healthy weight.  Now lets see if I can to it. Heee heee.

What is Women 4 Women?

Women 4 Women and its donors improve the lives of women and girls in Louisville through education, advocacy, fundraising and focused grantmaking in four key areas than enable self-sufficiency. Women 4 Women rallies other women, men and corporations to work together and collective pool financial resources so our grantmaking creates maximum impact for women and girls in Metro Louisville. When women and girls succeed, so do entire communities.

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